2.5 Million Identified URLs GSA SER List

Download the latest GSA List from March 2016 with 400k+ AA & Verified Urls

GSA SER ListI hope you guys must be enjoying Halloween. A beautiful gift for my SEO fellas goes here on this creepy day. A Mega Size Huge GSA SER SEO Links List that was shared on different forums and sites is ready for download. It’s size is 75 Mb which is quite huge for a SEO list file. This list contains a total of 2,700,964 identified urls which are ready to be fed into your GSA Search Engine Ranker.

Remember, that only Identified links lists were collected from different sourceS and compiled to make this one huge output. Nothing is yet known about the verification rate of this GSA SER List as I have just fed this thing up to my GSA SER. Lets see what it has to offer. Grab it for free below.

Please leave a comment if you liked the GSA SER List and share your results.


  1. Please upload it in .txt format. I am using SEnuke XCR. Do you have any idea how to use this list in it? Sorted by platform would be helpful too. thanks.

  2. This download is also in maintenance, too. I am really appreciate your awesome works and I will be more if you help me with this problem, because I love your list as hell

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