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A 30 Seconds Fiverr Gig Idea

There are literally thousands of methods that can be used to earn money on sites like Fiverr, SEO Clerk, Gigbucks etc but are all of them good enough?  Remember that in fiverr one only earns $4 for the service he sells as a basic gig. It is not wise to do hours of work for $4 only. In sites like these you should choose to provide services that take less of your time so that you may earn more and more in a day. After all time is money.

Imagine if you are providing a service that takes 30 minutes of your time to complete then your hourly earning rate is $8 which is not enough. Lets be pessimistic and assume that you have got dozens of orders. Working 9 to 5 a day in such a case can only earn you $64 a day, $1408 a month (taking the weekends off) and $16896 a year. This might be a handsome amount for people living in countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh etc but not for developed countries.

Here is a gig idea that can be used on Fiverr or other similar micro job sites and it won’t take more than 30 seconds of your precious time. The best part about this Fiverr method is, multiple gigs can be created using this idea and it is 100% legitimate.

The fiverr gig idea here is to sell gigs like these:

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You might be thinking that we will have to chat with buyers on video and teach them things which will take more than 30 minutes but don’t worry we are not going to give these services on video chat. We are going to write detailed guides with snapshots about each thing we are teaching here. Here is a step by step approach to it:

 Step 1 – Finding the topic:

Try to think about what you know best. I am in Internet Marketing field and I know things like “how to create a website without coding skills” or “How to earn selling easy Fiverr gigs” or “How to earn selling Kindle Ebooks” etc. You can also sell this very method as your fiverr gig if you want to. To have good ideas go to fiverr and search for the term “I will teach you”.

Step 2 – Creating guide:

Take this step seriously or you are going to get tons of negative feedbacks which will hurt your fiverr rankings. Make a guide that has all these qualities:

Complete tutorial / guide on whatever topic you are choosing. People don’t like incomplete information.

Step by step guide which is easy to follow

Use of images, diagrams and screenshots where necessary

If we want to get a continuous money generating stream, we cannot ignore this step. Spend a complete day or two to write a quality guide that leaves no questions about the topic unanswered.

Step 3 – Uploading the guide:

When you are finished writing a guide, upload it to a cloud storage website from where a download link for the guide can be generated., google drive and dropbox are a few examples. After uploading generate download link for that file and save it in a notepad.

Step 4 – Creating a Gig:

Create a gig on fiverr with a title that starts with “I will teach how to” or “I will tell you” or something similar. Write complete description and use your keywords in between. Set your delivery time – The lesser the better. Use a gig image that explains what your gig is about. There is a field named “Instructions for buyer”, insert the download link of the guide there and instruct your buyer to download your detailed method.

Step 5 – When you receive an order the instructions with your download link will be sent to the buyer. The buyer will be able to download the guide. You only have to mark the order complete with in the time limit of your gig when you receive the order. It is better to ask your buyer if he has any further questions regarding the topic and allow a day. After that you can mark it complete.

Once again I would urge upon the importance of a quality guide because some buyers while purchasing your gigs might be thinking of a video chat with you. If they do not find a solution to their problems in that guide, they are going to post a negative review.


  1. Thanks for the information but is fiverr really worth the time or is it a waste time?I have used fiverr before but nothing was drooping so i left.all the same post a link to some of the gig you have done.

    1. Hey Ogor,
      Fiverr may not earn you a steady decent money in the beginning as a new account has to build up a rappo which takes some time. Yo u have to be patient with it in the beginning. My tips for you would be to list as many gigs as possible to increase your chances of being found. If you don’t see some orders coming in, start communicating with other people who bought similar gigs but choose your words carefully to pitch your offer to them. You just have to think out of the box to get some initial few orders. Once you get some initial order and good ratings, you will start receiving orders gradually.
      As far as my gigs are concerned I lost my previous Fiverr account due to selling social signal gigs which is against Fiverr’s TOS. I mostly did arbitrage ( which involved minimum to no work.

    1. Hey chris, Glad it helped you. Looking at your Fiverr profile I saw that you have 5 gigs and all are related to Logos. I would suggest you add more gigs that are different. Try to come up with something that is out of the box. Contact people who have bought similar gigs and offer them your service for free may be or offer extras for free just for their valuable feed back. I am in process of writing a detailed article about how new accounts on fiverr can start their sales easily.

  2. Hello sir i come back with question.Sir if you have any e book or helpful article please send me .i really want money.But i every time get failure.

    1. Hey Emma, thanks for visiting. I saw your profile and gigs on fiverr. I see that you have done a few orders already. What I do to make the most of every order I complete is that I ask them to leave their honest review and tell them that in return they will get a little extra of what bought from me or anything that would go well along the work I did for them. For example: in my xrumer backlinks gig, when I deliver their order, I over deliver backlinks and in the delivery message I also attract them to leave their honest feedback in return of a few thousand more extra backlinks for free.
      This helps me get more 5 star ratings and nobody leaves bad reviews in their honest feedback, after all they are doing it for free stuff which they really want.
      Have a good day emma.

        1. Hey Emma,
          If you know about backlinking, you shouldn’t have a problem. If you don’t, I suggest you first learn in details about it. Can you please be specific as to what is confusing you?

    1. It is really hard to start selling on fiverr. The competition has gone insanely high. Even some old fiverr sellers have lost their sales because of that. You will have to think out of the box to get sales. One thing that I suggest is you go to similar gigs as yours and message the people who bought that gig and tell them that you are offering something similar but better in this and that way.

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