GSA SER Links list may 2015

4 Million GSA SER Links List – May 2015

Download the latest GSA List from March 2016 with 400k+ AA & Verified Urls

GSA SER Links list may 2015I know my readers love this freebie. 4 million GSA SER Links List Free Download will surely make this long weekend (23rd may – 25th may 2015) a happy one for you. I published a few other SER lists giveaways too, here, here and here and the massive number of social shares those posts received speaks for the love they received.

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  1. Hi! Can you upload this list to another place? Copy service is no longer avialible. That’s quote from their site:
    “”Copy Service is Unavailable.
    Service is no longer available as of May 1, 2016.
    Thank you for your support.”


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