Best High-End To Cheap Vlogging Cameras

If you are a vlogger or you have plans to be one, you need to be well equipped to stand up against the competition out there. You need to have the best vlogging camera to shoot flawless high-quality videos and nail it right off the mark. Here I have listed one of the best vlogging cameras in different price ranges. We will start from High-end cameras and then move on to cheaper ones. Prices might change a little from what I have mentioned in the article, but a good idea can be made about them.

Camera Over $1000


Black Magic Cinema Camera (Recommended High-end camera for vloggers)

HD camcorder

This is not a typical vlogging camera that every kid sleeps and wakes up with. This camera is simply a beast and is meant to be used by professional vloggers. If you have used DSLR cameras and are stepping up from them, this thing will blow away what you are used to. Just a little learning curve and anybody can be a professional with this camera.

At around $1900 plus, this cinema style camera is too pricey and is not recommended to be used by every vlogger. It offers 1920×1080 recording with 1:1 aspect ratio. The minimum aspect ratio is 16:9 and the minimum frame rate is 24 fps. It can shoot at f/2.8 too.

Here is an example video shoot with this camera

Camera Under $1000


Sony A77II

bes vlogging camera

Sony A77II is a great action, sports and wildlife camera, but it also performs very well in all other sorts of environments. It is one of the best cameras with respect to high-speed shooting at the price range of little less than $1000 ($998 on amazon at the time of writing this article).

Features like face detection, auto focus, in-body image stabilization etc help you record very good quality videos without much experience. Another awesome feature is recording videos at HD 1920×1080 resolution and then saving the uncompressed HD to an optional external recorder via HDMI output which gives you super high bitrate for HD movie recordings.

Canon 70D

cheap vlog cameras

Canon 70 D comes with a vari-angle LCD touchscreen that allows vloggers to see themselves while they shoot. This vlogging camera is quite famous among YouTubers due to this feature and its phenomenal autofocus facility that continuously tracks moving objects accurately and avoids any blurring. It can record with a screen resolution ranging between 640×480 and 1920×1080 and frame rate ranging between 24 and 60 fps

Cameras Under $500



what is a video blog

“Go Pro Hero 4 Silver” is an amazing deal as a vlog camera for vloggers of any level. Its reasonable price makes it even more awesome. It can capture videos with amazing clarity at 1080p60 and 720p120. The quick capture option that allows you to power on the camera and start recording with the push of a button is also a nice feature for busy vloggers.

It is waterproof to 40 meters or 131 feet which can help some sporty vloggers do some real awesome videos and amaze their fans.


Nikon D3300 (Recommended Cheap Vlogging Camera)

best camera for video blogging

Nikon D3300 is a small lightweight HD-SLR camera which is easy to use. Videos can be recorded at 1080p Full HD with very sharp details, amazing colors and gently blurred backgrounds.

It makes sharing easy with WU-1a wireless adapter. You can transfer images or videos to your laptop, smartphone or tablet. At the time I am writing this article, over 400 customers have given this camera an average of 4.7 star rating out of 5 in Amazon and this vlogging camera is ranking on #2 in DSLR cameras and #3 in DSLR camera bundles. People are loving it and so will you.

Cameras Under $300


Canon PowerShot S110

best camcorder for vlogging


Canon Powershot S110 is a sleek and pocket-sized package of advanced features like 12.1 Mp sensitive CMOS sensor & DIGIC 5 image processor, f2.0 lens with 5x optical zoom etc. It also has a built-in wi-fi to make sharing of videos and images easy. S110 makes a very good vlogging camera for travelers, food bloggers and sportsmen due to its light wieght and small size.

It allows you to have complete HD experience in which you can record 1080p Full HD videos in stereo sound. It has a dedicated movie button which allows you to start HD 1080p shooting instantly with just a single push.


Sony A3000

vlogging tips


When compared with its competitors like GF6 Panasonic, E-PM2 Olympus etc. Sony A3000 is a very good value camera priced at around $280. It has a 20.1 million pixels APS-C sized sensor (which means it is a 20.1-megapixel camera) and has an 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens.

It is capable of recording stunning HD 1920×1080 resolution videos and the MP4 codec takes care of reducing the size of videos to make them easy to upload on the internet.

Cameras Under $200


Canon PowerShot ELPH 130

Good cheap vlogging camera

The first recommended vlogging camera under $200 is Canon Powershot ELPH 130 which is priced at $160. Other than its price, the best thing about it is its size which makes it easy for vloggers to carry it and use it anywhere and anytime.

Though very cheap, it can record amazing HD videos at 720p, 25 frames per second. It can also shoot 640 x 480 VGA video at 30 frames per second. It has a dedicated movie button that makes it possible to start video recording with the push of a button. This is the way to go for quality conscious vloggers on a budget.


Canon PowerShot SX400

best vlogging camera

The last recommended camera for vlogging in our list is Canon Powershot SX 400 IS but it is in no way the least. It can record awesome videos at 720p with great amount of details and HD pictures too. The best thing in this camera is its humungous 30x Optical zoom that allows you to record and capture disatnt things in your images and videos.

The size too is very convinient to carry. This is a 16 Mega Pixel camera with 24 mm wide angle lense with optical image stabilizer to make the feel of videos smooth. Here is a sample video recorded from this camera.


What Vlogging Camera is The Best Fit For You?

Now that you have gone through the list, you should be able to identify what camera will be most suitable for you. The final decision depends upon a few factors such as:

  • What is the main purpose of starting the vlog? Get famous, start earning quick money or something else
  • Who is your audience?
  • And most obviously, what is your starting budget? Do you want to buy a good cheap vlogging camera or a high end video camera

If you are a perfectionist or are addressing a high-status audience, you will need to produce High Definition videos. Remember, investment in a good camera is just the beginning, there are a lot of tools that will be required to get off the mark.


    1. Hey Jahanzeb, you did it again. You always comment first on my post. Thanks for visiting so often.

      Yeah you are right that D5200 & D5300 have flipping screens that help in vlogging but the prices are well over $500 whereas I listed D3300 under $500.

  1. I’m at th the cross-roads of deciding which camera to pick between the GoPro 4 Silver & the Nikon D3300 for shooting cars, bikes & occasional vlogging while driving my car.

    The GoPro is svelte, small and cool looking. But outside recoding action events. Like strapping it unto a helmet or the fender of a car to record high speed scene. What other usefulness can you apply the GoPro to?

    The D3300 on the other hand has option for various lenses. & should you decide you want to do some recording. I’ve read, it can support 1080p 60fps recoding , albeit its big size. It looks like the better buy in the long run. But I need to hear from you guys. Can’t make up my mind on which to pick.

    1. Hey Lanre,
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your query.

      GoPro and D3300 are two completely different cameras. They should not be compared for the same job. The GoPro would be leaps and bounds ahead of the D3300 for vlogging and sports, but for any sort of still work the D3300 would be a much better option.

      The interchangeable lenses on DSLRs make shooting cars and bikes much more realistic because you will need a high-quality telephoto lens. However, if vlogging is your main goal then the GoPro has a huge advantage.

      My suggestion would be to decide which is more important – Shooting stills or vlogs.

      If vlogging is the priority get the GoPro and then a cheaper DSLR such as the D3100. If the other way around then get the D3300 and a cheaper GoPro.

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