Email List Building Through Kindle Ebooks – Build A Loyal Reader Base

Getting some easy downloads for your next kindle ebook or some easy traffic for your next blog post or to an affiliate offer could be a head ache. Especially when we talk of Kindle Ebook promotion, people literally spend hundreds promoting their Kindle ebooks to get some initial downloads to rank the book up until it starts selling on its own. One of the biggest mistakes that kindle authors make is that, they let their readers leave while they can turn them into loyal readers and returning customers by capturing their emails.

Why should I do email list building through my kindle ebooks?

Everyone in self publishing business knows that a newly published book doesn’t start selling on its own until it has got a decent number of downloads and a few reviews. These things increase the books in ranking which eventually results in sales. If you have a huge reader base that you can inform about your new launch, you can have some decent number of downloads as soon as the book goes live. Once you build a relationship with your reader base, they would not be reluctant to leave a review as well.

What will you learn in this guide?

  1. Compelling readers to submit email address
  2. Setting up a landing page to collect emails
  3. Setting up email auto-responder that automatically sends emails

This one is going to be a very long read. You can download PDF version of this post and read later on.

Download PDF Here:

Compelling Readers To Submit Their Emails

The basic idea here is to insert in your kindle book a link to a landing page where readers will be taken and will be able to submit their email address and download the promised incentive. Readers will only be compelled to do so if they are being offered something of great value in return. The best incentive in this regard would be a relevant ebook that is the next sequel to the one readers are reading. Or it can be a book that answers questions that arise after reading the present Kindle book. Let us have a look at how can we write a multi book series or a relevant ebook that readers will try to grab at any cost. Thanks to “Kindle Ever Green” (a kindle marketing course on Udemy) that explained these awesome approaches to expand a 1-off book into a multi book series:

Narrow Down – Answer Arising Questions

This approach works best in case of guides, How-TOs and other niches that have something to do with learning. This approach does not work with Fiction genres. Assume you have written a simple guide or a how-to book about something. The readers might come up with a few questions that you can already sense and write a book about. Publish that in kdp as a sequel to your first book and offer it for free in return of email submit.

Let us take an example of my first book Blogging For Beginners which is a step by step guide for creating a wordpress based website. The guide was written for those who are not very tech savvy therefore, it has snapshots for every step (buying a domain, setting up hosting and installing wordpress). A person who is new to blogging could successfully launch a wordpress based blog using that guide. Managing the blog through wordpress platform and using its dashboard to the fullest was however a completely different thing. It was evident to me that a lot of people who didn’t know how to create a wordpress site would also not be knowing about exploiting the platform to its fullest. Therefore, after publishing that book I wrote another book about WordPress For Beginners in which I explained how to use wordpress platform in great details with snapshots. This was an answer to a rising question of “Yes, I launched my wordpress based website but can you tell me more about managing site with wordpress platform? How can I master it?”

They who bought my first book or got them for free through Kindle select were more likely to submit their email and grab the second book because they wanted to know more about using wordpress.

Broaden Up – Show Big Picture

This approach is opposite to the previous one. In this approach, instead of writing on narrow topics or questions in detail, we broaden up and show bigger pictures. In my case of Blogging for beginners, I can write a book on the topic “Advices from Top 10 bloggers” or “Reason why most bloggers fail” etc. These topics do not answer a specific question but does build up on a slightly different and broader topic. Such topics will also attract readers’ interest as they are diving into blogging and would definitely like to learn from top successful bloggers and avoid mistakes that might jeopardize their success.

These two approaches work best for non-fiction genres while for fiction genres you can simply write next sequel to the first one. You can try and twist different ideas and find out what works best. Now let us learn step by step how to create a simple landing page step by step.

Setting Up A Landing Page

Following is what you would need to set up a landing page to grab emails

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting
  • Email Autoresponder
  • Landing Page script

Domain Name & Hosting

There are lots of services for these three out there. But for the first two things that are “Domain name” and “Hosting” I would recommend as I have been a long term happy customer of namecheap. I have literally had no issues (I mean literally zero issues) working with them.

To grab a domain name from namecheap go to THIS PAGE and search for a good name. You can search for niche related domain name for example if you are writing in Fitness niche, you can grab a name like or something similar. Once you find a suitable name, buy it.

Next is hosting. Namecheap has one of the most affordable yet quality hosting plans in the market. It has different categories of hosting to choose from. We need to select a plan from “Shared Hosting” category as others are for reselling or for websites that need ultra high speed servers. Ours is going to be simple and light for which we don’t need to be extravagant. Go to THIS PAGE  and purchase Value plan which costs only $9.88 for the first year and $39 from next year onwards. This plan can host up to three websites but for this project we need to create only one. You can however create one website each for every different niche. During the process of purchasing hosting, namecheap will ask you to choose from one of the following options at a point:

Namecheap signup

Choose third option and select your domain from drop down and proceed with the purchase process.

In order to actually access the hosting space and set up a landing page in it, C.PANEL (Control Panel) access is required. Check inbox of your email account that you used to register on namecheap. A few minutes after completing the hosting purchase you will find an email from namecheap with following details.

  • Address of your cpanel: something like this
  • Username
  • Password

Go the address of your cpanel by pasting it in browser’s address bar and login using the provided user credentials. You will now see your cpanel which looks something like this:



Scroll down to find a section named “Files” and click on “File Manager”. From the pop up select the fourth option “Document Root For:” and from the drop down select the domain on which you want to set up your landing page (in our case the one that we just purchased) and click on GO. A new page will open which is where we will upload our landing page script (Keep the tab open we will get back to it later). I have attached a template landing page with instructions about editing them later in this post. Lets first talk about an email auto responder which is a must have tool for list building and email marketing.

Email Autoresponder

This is a system that actually stores all the collected emails and sends automatic emails to them. You can set up complete auto email campaigns starting from the email sent right after the user subscribes to your list. You can set up what email is to be sent after what amount of days. This helps you keep your subscribers happy and also earn you easy money through affiliate offers or your book promotions in them.

Sign up for a service like or I recommend mailchimp to those who have zero experience with list building because it is absolutely free as long as you have less than 2000 subscribers and send up to 12000 emails a month. Anything greater than that, you will have to pay some amount.

Landing Page Script

This is the web page that your visitors land on when they click on the link you provide in your kindle. If you are familiar with HTML and some other web tech coding languages, this will not be a very difficult step. But if you are not, you can use my simple landing page script (see below) with minor editing. The page looks something like this:

email list building


Download the file below and extract it.

After extraction you get a folder named “Freebie”. Open it and run index.html with Notepad++. It is a free code editor that makes your life easy.

Editing The Landing Page

Go to line 4 (<title> tags) and change the text “Generic WelcomeGate 2” to something like “Kindle Freebie”. This line appears on title bar of the explorer.

title bar

To change the image of the book, save your image in the folder “Freebie/Images/” with complete name and extension for example: imagename.jpg or imagename.png. Go to line 23 to find following code and replace the red colored part with your image name:

<img src=”images/book-image.png” width=”317″ height=”440″ alt=”image” id=”book-photo” />

Go to line 26 and 27 to edit the large bold text in blue and yellow color “Quick Party Recipes Get this awesome kindle ebook free of cost” to something related to your book.

Last thing is the most important, subscription form. In the autoresponder service, we create different lists and each list has its own opt in form. We do so to keep different niche opt ins separate. Create a new list in the email autoresponder that you signed up for and set up a sign up form for it.

Create a list and subscription form in aweber

Step 1:

Step 2:

Create a list and subscription form in mailchimp:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Once you have created a list and built an opt-in form for that list you will get a code that has to be inserted in our landing page. To do so go to line number 32 of the file that we just edited. It is just below <!– Begin Signup Form –> tag. Paste the code and save the file.

Phew! You are done with customization of your landing page. You now need to upload it to your hosting account.

Uploading the landing page

Sign in to your hosting account and go to file manager for your domain name as already discussed in the post. Zip the folder “Freebie” again. And upload it to file manager by using the upload option in top bar.



Once the file is uploaded select it and click on Extract option in the top bar. After the file is extracted click on the zip file we uploaded and delete it. Now we have a folder named “Freebie”.

Link to Landing Page

To send people to your landing page use the link “” ( You can see my landing page live at where is my domain name and “Freebie1” is the folder name. You can create multiple folders in a domain to work with different types of niches and offer different incentives to collect emails in different lists. This will help you manage multiple lists of targeted subscribers.

While you are setting up email autorespoder, don’t forget to set up the welcome email that is sent when somebody subscribes. Upload your incentive to,, google drive or any other similar service from where you can get a download link. In the welcome email, include the download link of the free ebook you are giving away as incentive. This way subscribers will be able to download what you promised them.

Setting up welcome email in aweber:

Watch this videos:

Setting up welcome email in mailchimp:

Read this article:

Test It

Go to your landing page, insert your own email address. Open your inbox to see if you receive the email with download link or not. If all goes well, you are good to go with your brand new lead generating landing page. Include its link in your kindles, share it on social networks, do whatever you please to get targeted traffic to it.

I hope you enjoyed this long long read. If you really did, I would appreciate a social share. I am ready to answer all your queries now. I will try my best to answer all queries within a day depending upon my commitments.


  1. I like your post and it seems you put alot of work to make it good, but I have one question to you: does Amazon (kdp) let us insert a link to a page that request datas such email adress? I know that is forbidden.

    1. Hey Paul,
      Thanks for stopping by. Putting links in your kindle ebooks is not forbidden. Believe me, I did that myself and never had a problem. Have you tried it? I would like to know where you read about this restriction from amazon.\


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