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Fastest Blogger Outreach Marketing Tool – Ninja Outreach Review

Ninja Outreach Overview

Price - 80/100
Features - 70/100
Interface - 100/100
Ease Of Use - 80/100


The pricing of the tool is very reasonable and different packages have been made with different limitations keeping in view different level of customers. I will however, like to see more features in the chrome extensions and also accuracy of contact fetching. I gave it full marks for interface as it comes with 3 different interfaces to make your work easier. For every new tool there is always a learning curve but this tool is pretty easy to use and you get access to video tutorials that make you a master with this tool.

This post is a review of Ninja Outreach Tool that brings together the scattered and disorganized outreach marketing process into a single platform and makes it amazingly fast and easy. I try not to promote any tool that I haven’t used myself. I was lucky enough to have been granted access to the tool in its beta stage by Dave Schneider and (Update: I have now got full subscription of basic package) I can say it is by the far the most efficient outreach marketing tool I have ever used. The tool has now finally been launched and now comprises of a web app, a desktop version and a google chrome plugin too. You can try the tool for free here. Let’s talk details.

What is Outreach Marketing?

In the world of Internet marketing, outreach marketing is the practice of finding and contacting individuals that are operating in same Niche or have some shared interest.

How does it help?

Publish and pray approach (as Brian Dean likes to call it) does not work anymore in which you publish content and then only hope to get found. To get your content out in front of content hungry audience you have to go out looking for people in your niche asking them for opportunities of guest posts on their blogs, shares on their social profiles and inclusions and mentions in their resource pages and relevant posts. This is what white hat SEO is. If you don’t do this, your existence in Internet Marketing world is fleeting.

How do you do it?

Outreach marketing involves following steps

  1. Search for relevant blogs or websites
  2. Find Contact details of owner
  3. Save them in an organized spreadsheet
  4. Outreach using contact details

Seems easy, right? Let me change your mind. In step 1 you search for relevant blogs and websites but not all are going to be approachable for you. A blogger that is just starting out might not like to talk to big companies, journalists and movers and shakers of the industry initially. In such a case, he would manually have to filter the results accordingly. Going to each website to see if it is actually relevant and is good quality is also a time exhausting task.

Finding out contact details is sometimes the most hectic part of whole outreach marketing approach. Not all websites have proper contact pages and contact details. Sometimes the email address is not enough for an outreach campaign and social profiles of people are also required. This makes the contact details finding part even more cumbersome.

Finally, the outreaching part also tests patience where you have to write different emails for different campaigns. In campaigns where outreach through social media is required you have to do even more hard work.

The worst and most cumbersome thing in this all is the need to shift between different user interfaces and platforms. You have to shift from search engine to a spreadsheet, then to different websites, then social networks, email applications etc.

I ask again, does this all seem easy?

What Is Ninja Outreach?

Ninja Outreach is a web + desktop based solution for outreach marketing. It brings together almost all the processes involved in it to a single interface and makes the entire process of finding influencers/bloggers/companies, saving contact information and outreaching to them blazingly fast and amazingly simple. Let us have a look at its features.

Searching / Prospecting:


Find niche specific blogs

Ninja outreach lets you search for prospects with a push of button in following two ways:

1. Content prospecting:

Find relevant content or websites and outreach to them through contact details available on the website. It lists a great deal of information in the results. It shows Title of the content, web address, social profiles, street address and email address (if detected on the website), social shares and important SEO metrics. The need to visit each and every website to find contact details is finished. All the information you need is right there in results. Result is displayed like this:

ninja results

2. Social Prospecting:

As I mentioned earlier, sometimes outreach through email is not enough. You want influencers and big guys in the industry to share your content with their followers. This is where social prospecting comes to the rescue. Find social profiles (Twitter and Instagram) of people in your niche using social prospecting. The result is displayed as shown below and shows bio, location, followers and website.

social prospecting results

Filtering Out Prospects

After finding out relevant prospects, the tool then provides a great number of filtering options to discard the ones that do not meet our requirements. Following are the options that you can use to filter out the prospects:

ninja filtering

Using the filtering option, you can:

  1. Filter between Influencers, bloggers, executives, companies and journalists
  2. Remove the prospects who do not have Name, email address, phone number or contact URL available on the website
  3. Choose to show only those who have a minimum number of twitter, facebook, google plus and LinkedIn shares and followers
  4. Choose to show only the results that fall between specific SEO metric limits set by you including Alexa rank, Page Rank, Page Authority, Domain Authority, Moz link popularity score and number of backlinks
  5. Use some additional filtering options like minimum and maximum number of visits per month, social shares per post, comment per post and klout score
  6. Choose to show only those who allow Guest posts, sponsored posts, do product reviews and giveaways

Using these filters leaves almost zero useless prospects in your results which allows your outreach marketing efforts to be used with the best people in your niche. The next thing to do is to save all the filtered prospects or the hand picked to a list for later use.

Saving and Managing Prospects

prospect list management for outreach marketing campaigns

Ninja outreach allows you to create multiple lists for different outreach marketing campaigns. Once you run a search and filter the results depending upon your specific requirements, you can save the chosen prospects to a specific list. Your lists remain saved should you require to use them again in future. You can easily export and import lists from and to the web and desktop applications of Ninja outreach.

Outreaching Saved Prospects

Ninja outreach makes outreaching to the prospects very easy. You can send emails right from the desktop application and in mere minutes you can outreach dozens of laser targeted prospects. There are two steps involved in that.

Preparing Email Templates

ninja email temp

You can prepare relevant email templates for each campaign and save them. Ninja outreach is a smart application which allows you to use some variables like First name, last name, Full Name, address, website URL, social profile info etc. in the templates. When sending the emails to prospects the application pulls off relevant values for the variables from the list we saved in previous step and inserts them in place of variables. For example:

Hi [First name],

I read your article about Outreach marketing on your website [Website]. I loved the information you shared in it. I also noticed that you have a huge follower base on your twitter profile here [Twitter_Profile_url]. I also wrote a similar article giving more details of prospect filtering and its importance. Refering to my article from the third para of your content will add great value for your readers and give them more knowledge on the subject.


Actual email sent
Hi Nabeel,

I read your article about Outreach marketing on your website I loved the information you shared in it. I also noticed that you have a huge follower base on your twitter profile here I also wrote a similar article giving more details of prospect filtering and its importance. Refering to my article from the third para of your content will add great value for your readers and give them more knowledge on the subject.

The application uses corresponding names and other data while sending the email out to prospects.

Sending Emails

ninja email sending

Sending emails to niche relevant people is also not a problem for this tool. From the email tab in the desktop application, you can send emails to all the prospects one by one. Just a few clicks and off goes the email right into the inbox of your target people.

Browser Add-on

Ninja outreach includes a Desktop application, a web application and a browser add-on. All the features discussed above are in both web and desktop applications. Let us now have a look at what can be done with ninja outreach browser add-on:

  • While browsing a website you can easily see all the details of the websites including social information, SEO metrics, contact details of the owner and a lot of different and important things
  • You can then save the information in a prospect list of your Ninja outreach account which can then be used with desktop or web application
  • You can also save your own notes for every website for later use. These notes are cached by the plugins and shown when you are on corresponding website
  • Auto populate the contact form on the website using a pre-saved templates

You can download the free version of the add on HERE, but to unlock some features like auto populating of contact form fields you must have a Ninja Outreach subscription.

Wrapping It Up

Outreach marketing done for any purpose takes some serious amount of time. I know it, as I had been doing it manually so far. I would find out relevant websites using Google and then visit each and every one of them to see if they had contact page and contact details. Then I would start gathering and filtering them one by one in a spreadsheet. After I am done finding enough prospects, I would then sign in to my email app to send emails to them one after another changing names and other details. Death to efficiency approach. I would however ask and expect Dave and his team to add the following features which will add more value to the tool.

More Features I Would Like To See

The tool is awesome but there is always room for improvement. I would request and recommend Dave and his team to work up on following features in upcoming updates to add more value this awesome outreach marketing software.

  1. Instead of relying on third party url grabbers, add a URL grabber in the chrome extension that could grab all the urls from a webpage. Let’s say I am on a webpage that lists 50 sites that accept guest posts. The extension should have an option to extract them all from the page to do the rest of prospecting and filtering steps later.
  2. Add a feature to send emails right from the chrome extension. It will be great if I a stumble upon a great website in my Niche and I shoot them an email using Ninja outreach chrome extension right when I am on their homepage (Update: This feature has been added into the chrome add-on. Now you can send emails  to other bloggers directly from the add-on)

This application is a real time saver and a quality controler. Now I know a lot about the people I contact asking for guest posts, shares or backlinks. This software does not only give me more control over where I am being shared and linked from but also connects me to other people in my industry. Ninja outreach has very affordable subscription plans as compared with its counterparts. I have used it in its beta stage and I am going to acquire full version soon. I will update the article when I do. Until then, please comment below to express your views about the software and discuss about any more features you would like to see in it. It will go directly to Dave and his team.


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