Fiverr Gigs Ideas – Image To Text

Fiverr is a website where freelancers offer their services for five dollars. It is perhaps the easiest way to start your online career if you have some skills. Here in this post I am sharing a Fiverr idea that anyone can copy and start selling right away. There is no need of any expert training or knowledge. Anybody with a computer, internet connection and a brain can do it.

Here we are converting client’s image or logo into text or ascii that can be selected and edited. Here is a pictorial view of the result:

 Image File

 Converted to

 Editable Text File

Large favicon
Image to ascii conversion



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I am assuming that you have your own fiverr account and you know how to create a gig. You only needed an idea that could get you orders rolling in. So, in this one we are converting people’s images into text or ascii format. Here is how you do it.

Step 1: Go To and click on “Convert” from the menu bar as shown in figure.

Fiverr idea

Step 2: Choose the image file that you want to convert into text format, Fill in the required details in the form as shown in figure below and click on convert.



Step 3: Bingo! now copy the text on black background and paste it into a word document. After pasting in the word document you will need to reduce the font size a bit in order to make the image appear correctly in the word document.



you can play with the settings to generate different results. This copying and pasting causes your computer to lag a little bit but don’t worry have patience.

Go and create a gig right now. This is perhaps one of the easiest fiverr method ever shared.



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