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I Am Sorry Blog! I Can’t Give You Enough Time

This post comes as an apology to my poor blog as I can’t spare enough time every day for it. My job and other daily activities do not leave me with enough time to enjoy my own life. My busyness is the only reason my blog hasn’t yet got the exposure I dreamt for it.

My Situation

I am fully employed and my job is very time intensive. I leave my home at 7 am in the morning but there is no fixed time of getting back. When I am very lucky I reach back to my home at 6 pm. In most cases, as late as 9 pm.

Sometimes as part of my job, I am even required to stay away from home for a few days and do not get internet access too. When I am back, there are lots of other routine things and issues waiting for me at home.

After having worked on all those things I get some time to work on my blog.

What is the difference between me and others?

I read and follow a lot of popular bloggers and internet marketers. I see them making thousands (some even hundreds of thousands) every month and I feel happy about them. But then to myself I think, will I ever make a living off my blog? will I ever be able to fire my boss?

It might not happen in near future but let’s see what has my fate decided for me.

There are two main differences between me and other successful bloggers as I see. First one is that they have time for their blogs and the other is that they have money to invest.

Many of the successful bloggers I follow started blogging while being fully employed but their job was not as time intensive as mine. They also had enough money to invest in their blogs as their jobs were paying them decent sum of money while mine pays me enough to live only.

Some of them started blogging after being fired. This means they had enough time for their blog if not money.

It is not like I have never invested any money into blogging. I have invested in some plugins and tools that are really helping me out at this stage.

My Future Plan – A Challenge Worth Taking

A few days back I was getting more and more upset as I was not seeing any results. I even thought of leaving blogging but then I thought of working out possible options.

I thought about leaving my job and focusing on my blog but it seemed clearly impossible. My blog needs time to get to a stage where it earns me some steady money. The question of How I will survive untill that happens? ruled this option out.

I then made up my mind to continue with whatever time and resources I have at my disposal. This sounded like a challenge worth taking. It would really be great if I could do that. So I outlined my action plan which is as follows:

  1. Allocate at least 10 hours a week for blogging and blog promotion.
  2. Out of allocated time, spend some time to engage with successful bloggers through commenting and build up relations with them. This way get some attention and traffic and of course some motivation
  3. Start a periodic post on monthly or weekly basis to keep record of my activities and keep myself motivated

My Goal

When I started blogging, my goal was to build a steady income stream but later I realized it was way to difficult for somebody in my situation. My revised goal is to build up my blog’s traffic to 10,000 unique visits per month. Presently it gets 1000+ unique visits each month mostly from organic searches.

I know for some of you it might not be much, but this is the first step. Once I achieve it, I will re-revise my goal.

Follow Me As I Progress

I will be writing about all the actions I take to achieve every bit of success. I will be writing case studies about what worked and what didn’t work for me, tools that are worth giving a shot and much more.

Even if I don’t succeed, you will learn a few ways that don’t work, right?

Here is a cute opt-in box that will sign you up for up coming notifications about my progress. I promise, I won’t disappoint. Actually, I can’t afford to.

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  1. Hi Nabeel!

    I feel your pain via this post. I too work full-time outside of the home and it is stressful. I come home to my husband and two needy dogs. I feel you pain. Like you, I watch all the “popular” bloggers making a business online and can’t help but want to do the same. However, as you know, we can only do so much with the minimal hours we have.

    Don’t get discouraged, though, we can still monetize our blogs and hope that someday, we too can be running with the big dogs. Keep at it Nabeel.


    1. Hey Brenda,

      Thanks for stopping by and encouraging me. As I said, no matter how busy I get, I am not going to leave my blog. Even if I can give it 5 minutes a day, I will continue with it. I will also request you to keep yourself motivated. Hope we both will reach our goals soon.

  2. Hi Nabeel,
    It is obviously very frustrating for you not being able to devote the time you would like to your blog. I would say you are determined to make it work and it is impressive that you are getting 1,000 visits per month.

    Keep at it and you will reach your goal. Have a great day/evening.

    1. Hey Monna,

      Just opened my dashboard and saw four comments awaiting moderation, rarely happens with me. These things are quite motivating. My present aim is to increase traffic especially search traffic to an extent that I can start monetizing the blog in a better way.

      Thanks for paying the visit. Have an amazing weekend.

  3. Oh how I feel your pain. My situation is a bit different. I am a college educated woman on disability due to fibromyalgia. I can relate to the busyness of blogging.

    I also created a system called Marilyn’s Way Dance Till You FLY! System To Remove Clutter & CHAOS. I have closed facebook groups and pages that take lots of time.

    I just want to supplement my disability income. I am allowed a certain dollar amount each month and if I could make it I would be happy.

    I barely get by on my income and am in the same position that can’t invest money into my blog simply because there is none. I would be happy to have my costs covered.

    My motivation for you? Dance Till You FLY!

    1. Hey Merilyn,

      I wish you success in your aim. I can really understand the pain and situation you are in. Having lots of money and investing to profit is one thing but starting from zero and building a business is really praise worthy. Let’s do that and prove nothing is impossible.

      Thanks a lot for your kind words and motivation. Going to dance (LOL), see u again.

  4. Hi Nabeel ,
    You are not alone with this ,I know it for sure.
    You made a plan for yourself ,this is a good first step .
    be consistent and patient . Things are not going over night ,
    but if you have faith and do your best and expect it ,it will
    happen 🙂 sometimes the smallest step in the right direction
    ends up being the biggest step in your life . The river cuts
    through the rock not because of its power but its persistence 🙂
    All the best ,keep moving 🙂

    1. Hey Erika,

      Saw that you shared a post from my page. Really appreciate that. That post itself gave me quite a lot of motivation. Since then I have started putting more effort and my output has really increased.

      I am working on an ebook that I will be using to gather lead, planning posts ahead, maiking necessary changes in the blog and testing out new plugins and tools. Will share my experience with you and all my readers.

      Have a mind-blowing weekend.

  5. Great job Nabeel!

    And as you progress, you will continually discover
    that you actually have more time to dedicate to you blogging goals,
    than you may initially think!

    And big congrats on consistently generating 1,000 unique visitors to
    your blog!
    I can guarantee with, they are literally millions of potential newbie bloggers,
    that would love to “know” in step by step detail, exactly what a person
    with very little time can consistently do, in order to achieve that!

    Which means, that might be worth testing as your free giveaway!!

    Then you could offer paid one on one coaching on the back end,
    to help them reach 1,000 unique visitors themselves!

    Since you’ve already proved, whatever it is you’ve done to this point,
    is definitely working!!

    Great job!

    1. Hello Mark,

      It sounds like a good strategy. This 1st goal is generally not that difficult for people but with what my daily routine is, it surely is barely achievable. While I am continuously giving my blog little time every day I can see the traffic improving very gradually.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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