IMNabeel.COM, Purpose and Aim

Hello and welcome to my website IM Nabeel. this is the first post of my blog that I am writing to say hello, tell you all about what is this website going to be about and to ask for your best wishes that it continues for years and years to come.



I have been a lurker for a long time. Wandering on internet without an aim has been my passion. I have so far spent around 6 years wandering and learning on internet. I am no more unemployed now but when I was I would start my day by switching on my laptop and I would search for information about websites, technology, How to earn some money from home without having to leave all that comfort. The only problem that I faced was that all the information that I needed was not in one place. I would have to search the hell out of search engines in order to gather enough information to clear my concepts. Even if I found all the required information in one place, it would be haphazard or it would be too difficult for a beginner to understand. I wanted an organized and noob friendly source of information but did not get one.

I didn’t want the same to happen to others. Therefore, I thought to help others out but creating



Mission statement for this website is “Organized, detailed and beginner friendly source of IM (Internet Marketing) information”.

Aim is to inform beginners about SEO(Search Engine Optimization), IM(Internet Marketing), SMO(Social Media Optimization), Ways to earn online etc. Hope our journey together will be good and memorable.




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