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This post is a review of Niche Genetics, a keyword research tool and a micro niche finder. This tool eradicates the need of using multiple tools to find a profitable and easy to rank keyword. I try not to review any tool that I haven’t personally used. I got this tool when it was in early bird discount offers in which I paid a one-time price to get a subscription forever. I am really in love with it, you will see why below.

The aim of any blog or website owner that wants to earn money is to get to the top of SERPs to get more exposure and ultimately more sales or income. The 1st and most basic step in that course is good keyword research. No matter how much work you do and efforts you put in, if you have chosen the wrong keyword, you are going to get nowhere. If you know the art of finding easy to rank and profitable keywords in the first step, the coming steps are easy for you.

What Is A Profitable Keyword?

Here is my basic definition of it: A keyword that

  1. Has high monthly search volume
  2. Has low competition in SERPs (not in AdWords)

There is more to its definition like Locations where it is searched more, buying intent etc (which niche genetics is quite capable of catering). But, if we keep things simple and talk about increasing traffic, this two pointer definition is enough.

There Are Already So Many Tools

Yes, you are absolutely right. There are already so many tools out there for the same thing but I have personally not found any tool that is so complete and especially so easy to use.

I once used two other tools in conjunction to do the work that Niche genetics takes care of alone. Those tools were quite demanding and required some good system specs at my end. Running those two tools meant nothing else could be done on my lappy for that time.

The reasons I prefer this tool over others are its ease of use and awesome features that are hard to find under one roof. Another good reason is that it is a cloud based solution and does not demand any specs at your end. You just need internet connection and a browser.

Niche Genetics Review

niche genetics review

This keyword research and suggestion tool was developed by the team of Abbas Ravji who is a trusted Internet Marketer and software developer. He has developed several other tools to help people in SEO and Online Marketing. Now let us have a look at what it has to offer.

The tool starts working when a user enters a seed keyword or a niche into the tool and after some loading it comes up with loads of data. This data consists of following information:

Basic Information

Keyword difficulty

Monthly searches: It shows how many times the keyword is searched every month i.e the search volume of the search term.

CPC: The Adwords CPC (Cost Per Click) of the term that can be expected.

Competition (Broad): How many web pages are competing for this term and other similar terms.

Competition (Quotes): How many web pages are competing for this exact term. It is just like searching a keyword in google in quotes for example “Red Shoes”.

Comp (All In Title): Number of competing web pages having the keyword in page title.

Lowest/Average PA: It shows what is the lowest PA in the top 10 SERPs and what is the average of PAs of all the websites in top 10 positions.

Lowest/Average DA: It shows what is the lowest DA in the top 10 SERPs and what is the average of DAs of all the websites in top 10 positions.

Lowest/Average TF: It shows what is the lowest TF in the top 10 SERPs and what is the average of TFs of all the websites in top 10 positions.

Lowest/Average Backlinks: It shows what is the lowest number of backlinks that a webpage in the top 10 SERPs has and what is the average number of backlinks of all the websites in top 10 positions.

Blue Box On Top Right: It shows the overall difficulty score for a keyword. The tool calculates it on the above mentioned factor as well as many others that we are going to see next. The box turns green for moderate difficulty keywords and yellow for easy keywords.

Long Tail Keywords

long tail keyword research

The tool scrapes all the long tail keywords relevant to the seed term and displays them. The list of long tail keywords can be expanded by clicking on “View full report” button on the bottom right corner of the long tail section. In my test experiments it has generated upto 700 long tails in many cases.

The list of long tail terms can be arranged in order of search volume, CPC or number of search results. This helps in shortlisting few gems out of the long lists.

The short-listed ones can then again be run through the nice genetics system to see their difficulty level and the easier of them can be used to get the best results.

Related Terms

related search terms

These are not necessarily long tails but terms relevant to the seed keyword entered by the end user. In most cases this list is smaller than the previous one, but it helps reveal easy to rank shoulder niches.

Competitors (The Most Potent Feature)

Top 10 competitor

This section lists all the top ranking web pages for the desired keyword (Top ranking in Google). Click on the “view full report” button and you will see all the necessary info you will need to outrank those top ranking competitors. Here is what all this tool tells you about your competitors.

Title: Shows the title of the web pages ranking for the term.

KW Title: Is the keyword included in the Title of the web page? Tick means Yes and Cross means No.

KW URL: Does the keyword appear in the url of the page? Tick means Yes and Cross means No.

KW Header: Does it appear in the header of the webpage (in form of meta description or tag). Tick means Yes and Cross means No.

Word Count: How many words does the page contain.

TF: What is the Trust Flow of the website?

DA: What is the Domain authority?

PA: What is the page authority?

Difficulty Score: Based on all these factor how easy or difficult it is to outrank that web page.

Following is some other information that is not shown in web browser but if you click on “Export” button on the bottom right corner of this report, a spreadsheet report will be downloaded which will give you more information about

Headings: How many headings and of what type (h1, h2, h3 etc) are being used and what is their text

Meta Description and Keyword: What is the meta description and keywords of different web pages.

How Does This All Help?

All this information about your competitors is priceless. You will know the steps you need to take to outrank them.

For example if you see a few webpages that are not using the Keyword in title, url and head and has low TF, DA and PA you know that if you include the keyword in those three places in your webpage and write some SEO optimized content you are increasing your chances of outranking them.

Having a look at what headings are they using, whether or not the keyword is being used in the headings, how much content does the page has and some other things, you will be able to make a better strategy to outrank your competitors.

LSI Keywords

Relevant LSI Keywords

This is another great feature not offered by many so-called keyword research tools. Other than Long tails mentioned above, the NicheGenetics finds for you some Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords.

It gets you one, two or three-phrase LSI terms that you can sprinkle around your webpage to make it even more SEO potent.



This section gives you additional information about the tags under which different websites are posting content about the desired keyword. If you use tags in your posts, you can get some useful terms to use as tags from here.



This section shows what ad campaigns are available in adwords. If you do keyword research to find easy to rank high CPC words, this section will help you find out if there are enough adwords campaigns available.

Update: Abbas Ravji, the creator of the tool just mentioned in the comment below that the tool is capable of showing CPC data from 34 different google locations. So if you are using Adsense as a monetization method of your blog, this feature will be very helpful to find out the earning potential of your keywords in your currency.

Products (Amazon)


This section finds relevant products from Amazon for you to promote.


Search trends

This section gives information about search trends of relevant keywords and shows keywords that are HOT or have a Rising Trend.


Having discussed niche genetics’ uses here are two main shortcomings that I personally would like to see worked up by Abbas Ravji and team.

  1. It only shows search volumes of US searches. Though the global search volume is always greater for most of the search terms, I would like to see this shortcoming addressed for terms that rarely/not searched in U.S.
  2. This tool is not at all helpful in local SEO outside U.S due to the shortcoming mentioned above.

Wrapping It Up

There are some other useful features that remained undiscussed like HOW TO feature that reveals relevant “How To” keywords if you want to write a tutorial. QUESTION feature that uncovers hot relevant questions that are being asked and searched on the web.

This tool helps me not only in keyword research but also in competitor analysis, finding relevant amazon products, digging out shoulder niches and finding discussion opportunities around the web.

I am still learning more and more ways of using it. Soon I will be sharing a case study about how I ranked on 2nd page just one day after publishing a post without even a single backlink (Considering my site is still not that good). Nichegenetics made it look so easy.


Have a question ? Please leave it in comment below.


  1. Hi Nabeel,

    Great review of keyword research tools. I used to use Micro Niche Finder and Market Samurai but when Google shut my Adsense account down, both tools became un-usable.

    I don’t think keywords are quite as important as they used to be but let’s face it, you still have to use them in order to find what you are looking for. So, keyword research tools will always be needed.

    1. Helloo,

      Even for this tool you need to integrate your “majestic seo” and MOZ API key but not the Google adwords. If you have a big network of people sharing and reading your content, you might do away without keyword research (but still there will be limits) but for somebody (without a reader base) like me, search engine is the only source of traffic untill now.

      Indeed, one must do proper homework of finding keywords. I will soon be posting my case study showing how I ranked two posts on 2nd page of google hours after publishing them. No backlinks were made to them at all.

      Hope u are having a good weekend

  2. Thanks for the in depth review on Niche Genetics – Niche genetics does in fact allow you to get CPC data from 34 different google locations..This was something we updated inside of niche genetics about 1.5 months ago

    1. Hey Abbas thanks for updating me on that. I am sorry I did not catch that update due to my busy routine (Reason here). Will surely update the post with that info.
      Thanks for the visit and comment.

      Have a good day.

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