Reselling – An Easy Earning Method

There are literally thousands and thousands of methods of online earning that one can find and choose from. As a new Internet Marketer a few years back, I was struggling really hard to get some steady online business but the methods I found were either too difficult for a newbie or too slow that people without patience would not follow it for long enough. Some online earning methods were so short lived that they would stop earning me in a month. Then I heard of a term RESELLING somewhere which was new for me as English is not my first language. I read this method of reselling online services with higher price and I found this method to be an ever green method which required very minimum amount of work and knowledge.

What we have to do is to find online services like SEO, Logo creation, video creation, social signals etc  that people offer on sites like and and sell them on other similar sites with higher price (At least double or even more in some cases). Here is a step by step guide on how to do it:

Step 1

Go to and and signup. You can also find some other micro job sites that work in a same manner to increase the chances of finding cheap services as well as customers to re sell these services to.

Step 2

In seoclerk find services that are priced anaywhere around $1 or $2in those websites. Start off with as it is famous for cheap services. Then work your way to other websites. On fiverr no service is less than $5 due to which it is not a good place to find services to resell initially but it is good place to list cheap services found on other micro job sites for higher price.

You have to be very careful at this step. Only choose services with good rating and those that have little turnaround time and deliver in time. Choose a good service that seems to deliver a lot in $1 or 2 and save the url for later use. For example, I found this $2 service which seems to be delivering a lot. If you deliver this service to somebody for $5, he will be more than happy.

reselling earn online

As you can see that the provider of this service takes 2 days to deliver the service. The service has 75 upvotes which shows that this one is reliable and good quality. 14 people also recommended it which is a very good sign. We can sell this stuff on fiverr easily for 5 dollars. Find some good amount of such services in all catagories (SEO, social signals, graphic designing etc) and save their links. We are now going to list them to other similar websites to sell them at higher prices.

Step 3

Now we have to list these services with higher prices in different websites. You can double the price if you feel it good or else you can increase it by 50%. After all we are not going to do any more work than just placing the order with original service provider and get reports from him. You should not list a service back to the same website with higher price because people will find the other service for cheaper rates and also with higher number of reviews.

Go to any other micro job website create a new gig (service listing) and write a good catchy title and description. You can use the exact same title and description as used by original provider of this service in seoclerk (or the site you picked it up from). You can also completely copy the image of original service provider. Don’t forget to set the delivery time to at least one more day to the time told by service provider. For example, in this case the original provider’s Turnaround time is 2 days, I can set my delivery time to be 3 days on fiverr. You can add two days in the original time too so that it allows you enough time to receive order on fiverr and order the service from seoclerk.

After setting up the gig completely wait for the orders to roll in. Here is the above service listed in fiverr:


Another thing you should know here is the “requirements from the buyers”. For example when I order this service from the actual service provider he will ask me about what are my keywords or in case of graphic design service he will ask me what sort of graphic do I want made. You should ask the same thing in your service listing in the other micro job website from your customers. So that you can deliver the information to the actual service provider.

Step 4

Once you receive an order from a customer on fiverr take all the details posted by him and order the gig from seoclerk (or where ever you picked it from) and give the service provider all the details provided by your customer. It is good to always contact the original service provided before you put his service on fiverr for reselling. Just contact him and ask what all details would he require from you when you place an order with him. This way when you put up a service on fiverr you ask all the necssary details from your customers and nothing important is missed out. If you dont do this, you will have to again contact your cusotmer through fiverr to grab remaining details which will eventually eat up your extra 1 or 2 days that we added up in turn around time. This results in delayed deliveries which fiverr does not like at all.

Step 5

Wait for the original service provider to deliver the service. Take the outcome from him (In this example case we will a backlink report of SEO Link Wheel) and deliver it to your customer on fiverr. TADA!

This is how you earn reselling services online. You do almost no work and earn easy $2 to $3 for every gig you deliver to you customers on fiverr. It takes a total of 5 minutes to deliver a service like that. Imaging working for an hour:

5 mins = $2 to $3

1 hour = $24 to 36

5 hours = $120 to $180

Working for 5 hours a day from home can get you $120 to 180 a day. You increase your earning even more by selling services on sites that allow you to charge more than $5. Gigbucks is a good example which allows you to set you own price. Seoclerk itself allows you to setup your price but I do not recommend reselling a service at the same place. However, you can always find a good service on fiverr and sell it on seoclerk at higher rate. I have done it and it works. Now its your time to test it. Remember, success deos not come instantly.


  1. This seems like a great idea and I am in the process of giving this a chance. My only question is that it seems like such a great idea – so why wouldn’t the people who are putting their gigs on not put there gigs on Fiverr too?
    Just curious, thanks for your time. Jeff-

    1. Hey Jeff,

      Thanks and glad you liked it. They might be listing their services on both the platforms, but we are not worried about that. Haven’t we seen two similar services selling on the same platform? Yes we have. But still people buy. Sometimes they come across your service 1st and not the other guy’s service and they decide to buy it.

      Even if your service is a little more expensive than the other similar service, you can gain trust by writing a better description, using a better image and showing your portfolio. See what the actual guy is missing on and build on that.

      For example I sold a service from seoclerk on Fiverr and people still bought that. Maybe because they had never seen that same service on SEOCLERK selling for cheaper. Even if that same service was listed on Fiverr I am confident that mine had a better convincing description and a very good image that clearly showed what is there in the service.


    1. Hey Chris,
      I don’t do it anymore as I have moved on to other things. This method won’t buy you a Ferrari but it is a proven method to get some decent earnings. Your earnings per day would depend upon a lot of things like how much profit margin is there in each service you sell, how many services have you listed, how many micro job websites are you playing with etc.
      I would say that an amount upto $30 or 40 per day is doable if you put in some decent efforts.

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