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SEO From Zero To Hero – Part 1 (Basics)

Hello friends,

In order to start an internet based business one must know how to get exposure on the web and how to reach thousands and millions of targeted customers. Search Engine Optimization is in most cases the best way to gain exposure online.

This is the first part of our “SEO From Zero To Hero” Series. In this series we will start learning search engine optimization from very beginning. I will try to keep the language noob (beginner) friendly so that everyone can easily understand the lectures. The series will require some patience from your side, but they who complete it from this article to the last one will stand educated. So let us begin.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, a process of optimizing (doing some special tasks for) a website so that its visibility increases and it appears on top of search results in search engines.

These special tasks (optimization techniques) include many things such as building quality site and building backlinks etc which will be discussed in details later in this series. In order to make SEO easy to understand Let’s take an example:

You open Google and type a search term “Best Women Shoes” and hit enter. Search results appear in front of you and you can see on top of the list. Why did that website show up on top? Here we can say that this particular website is “Search Engine Optimized” for the keyword “Best Women Shoes” therefore it shows on top of results for this term.

What is a Keyword?

A keyword is a word that defines the topic of a webpage and sums up the meaning of contents of a site.

For example: Keyword for my site can be “Internet marketing” as my site will be having content about online earning. Similarly Keyword for this SEO series can be “SEO For Beginners” or “SEO for Dummies” or “Beginners’ Guide to SEO”. I can use one or all the three of these keywords for my search engine optimization. If I use all the three and succeed in properly optimizing my website for these keywords then my website will appear on the top of results whenever anybody searches for any of those three terms.

How Does Google Rank Sites?

Google ranks websites by checking the site itself and its popularity over the web.

How does Google rank sites for particular keywords is a very difficult question. Since the very beginning of SEO war Google has been tweaking its search algorithm (a system that Google uses to assign rankings to websites). Sites that are presently ranking good for a keyword might not be there tomorrow and sites that are nowhere to be found might appear on 1st page of search results tomorrow. A generic answer to this question can how ever be given. Google checks two things in a site:

  1. Quality of the site: its contents, structure, use of relevant media(Images, videos etc) etc.
  2. Popularity of the site: How many other websites and social networks are discussing about the site.

The better Google finds a site in above listed tests, the better gets the site’s position in search engine. The point number 1 is also known as “On page optimization” and the second one is known as “off page optimization” in terms of seo. On-page optimization and Off-page- optimization, both are very vast topics which cannot be covered in one lesson. They will be discussed in details in the upcoming parts of this series so, stay tuned.

How did you find the first lesson? You are welcome to raise queries in comments.

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  1. I had a question…when you’re referring to popularity of a site, how does Google compare the respective values of 10 separate sites based on their popularity? I understand that it’s important to have other sites talking about you, but I’m just more curious on the technical side of how Google does that?

    1. Google has a very complex algo working behind. Every website that talks about you also has got some worth in the eyes google. If there are two websites A and B and A has 10 respectable websites talking about it whereas B has 10 websites talking about it that are relatively less reputable, Google will rank A higher (Keeping the onsite factor constant here).

  2. If you’re just getting started with SEO, I’d recommend reading some of the most famous SEO blogs out there like Neil Patel’s sites, Danny Sullivan, Bill Slawski, and Copyblogger. That can get you a firsthand look into how the experts think about ranking websites.

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