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SEO From Zero To Hero-Part 2-(On page & Off page)

Assuming that you have read and understood the first lesson, I would start to explain briefly the two ranking factors that were discussed in the previous lesson.

In order to successfully rank a website, knowledge and successful implementation of both On page and Off page SEO techniques is necessary. Focusing on one and neglecting the other will get you nowhere. Google and other search engines audit a site in two ways before giving them a certain ranking in search results. These two ways are called on page and off page website audit. In “on page” the search engine audits the site itself whereas in “off page” the search engines audit the popularity of a site.

On Page SEO:

What is the quality of a site, quality of its structure and its content? This is known as Onpage SEO in short.

Some important factors of On-Page SEO are:

  • Site’s Structure: Site’s structure means arrangement and hierarchy of pages in the website. Search engines see If the structure of the site is crawl-able by search engines? Can search engines see all important pages of the website?
  • The quality of Content: Is the written content human readable? Is it of good quality or is it crappy and not understandable?
  • Keyword usage: What keywords are being used and how many times are they being used?
  • Use of Media: Is the webpage using relevant media to support the contents of the page?

Greater details of on page SEO will be discussed in coming lectures.

Off Page SEO:

Is the site popular enough? Are other sites discussing it? Is this site being discussed and shared on social networks? This is known as off page SEO in short.

Some important factors of Off Page SEO are:

  • Backlinks: Link of a website on another website is known as backlink. Search engines check that how many other websites have links of your website.
  • Quality Of Backlinks: More weightage is given if a good quality website is linking to your site. Links from bad quality sites can be dangerous for SEO and may get the site penalized by search engines.
  • Diversity of backlinks: There are different types of backlinks such as comment backlinks, profile backlinks, web 2.0 links, contextual links etc etc. How many types of links has your site got? And what is the ratio between several types of links?
  • Social Shares: Backlinks are all about popularity on other websites, but social shares mean how much is your site popular among common people that use social networks such as facebook, twitter, Pinterest, google plus etc. How many people are sharing your websites with their friends and discussing it?

I have listed only a few of both ranking factors while there are still others that need to be discussed. Stay tuned as we will discuss in details about onpage SEO and learn how to do onpage optimization on our sites. Ask questions in comments, please.

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